x files intro

  • The X files - Intro - Opening theme - Orginal HQ

    The X files - Intro - Opening theme - Orginal HQ MP3

    Just for fans :)

    Tags: Alien, Productions, The, files, intro, opening, orginal, HQ, Molder, Scully, The X-Files, Anderson, Theme, Song, Introduction, David, The X-Files (film)

  • The X Files season 1-9 opening

    The X Files season 1-9 opening MP3

    The X Files music theme seasons 1-9.

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), Gillian Anderson (Film Actor), David Duchovny (Celebrity), Science Fiction Movies, Television Program (Media Genre)

  • The X-Files 2016 Intro

    The X-Files 2016 Intro MP3

    The X-Files Season 10 Intro from February 22, 2016.

    Tags: The X-Files

  • X-Files Intro Comparison

    X-Files Intro Comparison MP3

    All the intros compared. Notice the differences between the first 7 seasons and the 8th and 9th. But also notice, when they switched from 4:3 to 16:9, some ...

    Tags: X-Files, Intro

  • Lego X Files intro - opening sequence

    Lego X Files intro - opening sequence MP3

    My buddy Todd Beene wrote these silly lyrics to the X-Files theme song years ago. I got the "Agent Spooky" and "Agent Skeptic" minifigs for Christmas and ...

    Tags: X-Files, Lego, Minifigures, Mulder, Scully, minifigs, brickfilm, Todd Beene

  • The X-Files Intro Remake

    The X-Files Intro Remake MP3

    My most recent Netflix-fueled obsession is "The X-Files". So, here's my HD version of the X-Files' original introduction. In other news, I am currently writing shorts ...

    Tags: Jake, Allyn, The X-Files (TV Program), Intro, HD, High-definition Video (Film Format), jake, 90s, X Files, Mystery (TV Genre), Scary, Whistle

  • The X Files   intro

    The X Files intro MP3

    main theme !

    Tags: x-filers, x-files, xfiles, xfiles intro, x-files theme

  • The x files intro de temporada 10

    The x files intro de temporada 10 MP3

    La nueva intro de x files re opened.

    Tags: The x files

  • The X Files intro - Fan remake

    The X Files intro - Fan remake MP3

    Look what I found on an old vhs tape.

    Tags: x files, x-files, mulder, scully, dana, fox, remake, intro, title, art, of, the

  • Minecraft X Files Intro

    Minecraft X Files Intro MP3

    The X Files intro, but minecraftified.
  • X-Files - Modern Edit

    X-Files - Modern Edit MP3

    It's not as creepy as my childhood memories of the intro but it was fun to play around with a remake of the iconic opening titles to such a great show!

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), intro, opening, Remake (Film Genre), Mulder And Scully (Composition), Television Program (Media Genre), Youtube, New, sequence

  • X-files, opening (original)

    X-files, opening (original) MP3

    This is the X-Files opening song and video. I really could not find the original at Youtube... So, enjoy X-files-lovers! PS: The quality is not great, I filmed this when ...

    Tags: X-files, files, arkiv, opening, song, video, original, david, chris, carter, duchovny, gillian, anderson, scary, cool, best, ever, starring, FBI, Mulder, fox, dana, scully, investigation, sweden, USA, Gillian Anderson (TV Actor), Actor (Profession), Ian, Scott, John, Jim, Office, Ghost

  • Lego X-Files Intro

    Lego X-Files Intro MP3

    I've been out of the game for some time, but now that it's summer, I can take a little time to animate again. I'm sorry about the lack of videos, but I hope this makes ...

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), LEGO (Toy Line)

  • The X-Files Season 9 Opening Title Sequence

    The X-Files Season 9 Opening Title Sequence MP3

    Opening titles for the final season of The X-Files. Property of 20th Century Fox Television.
  • The X Files - Season 10 Opening

    The X Files - Season 10 Opening MP3

    The current X Files opening for season 10 All credit goes to FOX.

    Tags: The X Files, X files theme song, x files intro, FOX, x files season 10 intro, x files season 10, x files opening

  • The X-Files  S07E12 X Cops Intro HD

    The X-Files S07E12 X Cops Intro HD MP3

    Tags: The X-Files, The X Files, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Scully, Mulder, Mulder Scully, Scully Mulder, Cgb Spender, Smoking Cigarette Man, Cancer Man, Cops, X-Cops, X-Cops Intro, The X-Files X-Cops, The X-Files X Cops, The X Files X-Cops, The X Files X Cops, Bad Boys, Alien, Aliens, UFO, FBI, CIA, Space, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Walter Skinner, Chris Carter, X (TV Character), Science Fiction Movies, Police

  • the x-files season 10 prologue and intro

    the x-files season 10 prologue and intro MP3

    from the x-files season 10 episode 1.

    Tags: the x-files, fox mulder, dana scully, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson

  • The X-Files: ALL Intros Seasons 1-9

    The X-Files: ALL Intros Seasons 1-9 MP3

    I couldn't find the Season 9 intro anywhere on YouTube, so I decided to upload it myself, along with all other variations on this great TV intro.

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  • The X-Files Intro (PS1)

    The X-Files Intro (PS1) MP3


    Tags: Play, Station

  • The Kitty Files Intro

    The Kitty Files Intro MP3

    The Kitty Files: The X-Files Gone Catty! It's Meow-tastic DIRECTED & FILMED BY Mary Elizabeth CATS Professor Minerva McGonagall as HERSELF Sirius ...

    Tags: x files, cat, kitty, kitty files, the kitty files, xfiles, x-files, the kitty-files, meow meow, meow, cat song, meow song, meow-tastic, the x-files gone catty